Lunchtime Activities

Chess Club

Chess Club takes place on a Friday lunchtime. It is an opportunity for new players to come and learn how to play the game and for more experienced players to hone their skills. Running in Term 2 and 3 we have a chess competition for each of the year groups 3-6 where the students get an opportunity to compete in a knock-out, culminating in chess champions from each year level. There is also an active draughts / checkers group. All the students love coming to play, improve their strategies and have fun.

Debating Team

Enthusiastic students attended the debating workshop on Monday. They learned all about the structure of a debate and began preparing for a given case. The manner in which one delivers a speech, including your use of voice and gestures are all an important part of debating.

Students worked in teams discussing the differences between the affirmative and negative sides. The students finished with a line debate and were either on the affirmative or the negative side. They needed to support or rebut the points put forward.

Friendship Room

The Friendship Room is located in the CLC and is open during lunchtime Monday to Friday.  This room is available for all students to use.

Junior Dance Group

Junior Dance group (Foundation to Year 2) is held on Fridays at lunchtime in the hall.  This group is led by Ms Athena Archer - our Foundation Coordinator.

Book Craft & Origami Club

Book Craft runs during Monday lunchtime in the library.  Students will make the best use of recycled and preloved books and turn them into craft work for all to enjoy. 

The Year 5 students have been reading the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and have been busy making paper cranes during lunchtimes in the library.

French & Greek Clubs

French Club is held on Thursday and is coordinated by Mr Jamie Briones. Greek Club is held on Tuesday  and is coordinated by Mrs Diana Anagnostou.  Each of these clubs introduce the students to the languages of France and Greece as well as the history, geographical features and cuisine.  Students even get to have hands-on sessions creating some of the delicious recipes from both of these countries.

Junior Singing Group

Junior Singing Group is held on Tuesday.  Miss Maddie Kelly coordinates this group where they learn to sing in harmony with others at the same time having fun and making new friends.   (03) 9587 0877

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