At Aspendale Gardens Primary School we offer the students an opportunity to enhance their artistic talents by offering lessons in singing, drumming, violin, guitar and keyboard. These lessons are at an additional cost to parents.

All our Instrumental Music lessons are provided by outside educators.

The Vocal program is taught by Katani La Rocca, Drumming is taught by Glen Wilkinson,  Violin is taught by Greta Kerrigan and Guitar & Keyboard are taught by Lachlan Bruce. 

You can download the enrolment forms and details for the above programs below.

Enrolment Forms for 2021 Term 1 

2021 Term 1 Drum Enrolment & Hire Form

2021 Term 1 Guitar Enrolment & Hire Form

2021 Term 1 Keyboard Enrolment & Hire Form

2021 Term 1 Violin Enrolment & Hire Form

2021 Term 1 Vocal Enrolment & Hire Form

Instrumental Music
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