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2023 Parent Classroom Representatives

Aspendale Gardens Primary School welcomes and relies on parent involvement in the school in many ways.  One role that is very important is that of Class Representative.  The role of a class representative is to liaise with the classroom teacher and school, to encourage parent involvement in school programs and to organise social events for the class so parents can get to know each other in a friendly informal environment.  It is a great way to get to know other parents in your child’s class.  No qualifications are required!


We would like at least one volunteer from each class to be the 2023 Class Representative.  It is a role that can be shared amongst two parents in a class.  Below is a list of some of the things that you can help with but don’t feel you or any parent does it all!

Assist teacher to organise general classroom helpers for a variety of activities particularly during Literacy & Numeracy

  • Helping in the Classroom                                        

  • Helping other Parents

  • Helping within the School

Assist teacher to organise parents for specific events such as:

  • PMP or sport sessions

  • swimming program

  • school productions

  • Welcoming new parents into the school and class

  • Helping parents in the class get to know one another and to feel welcome

  • Organising class social events (e.g. plays in the park after school) for children and parents or coffee mornings or movie days in the holidays

  • Class dinners (either with or without children), bowling nights, Pizza nights, movies etc.

    * Fundraising

    *Keep Australia Beautiful Day                               

    * Art room

    * Kitchen Garden / Cooking

    * Library

    * Swimming Program                                                    

    * Uniform shop                                                 

    * School Carnival                                             

    * Mothers’ Day Stall / Fathers’ Day Stall                                           

    * School Council Committees

    * Special Days                                                  

    * Working Bee

    * Lunchtime clubs                                                 

We will be having two meetings for the year, over a coffee, to discuss what is happening and to support each other in this role.  If you have younger children, they can come along so don’t let that exclude you from volunteering.  

For further information you can ring Cat McGregor at the school on 9587 0877.

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